MACAP M4 Stepless in Black

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Type: Coffee Grinders

Vendor: MACAP

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  • The Bottom Line 

    If you are looking for a home espresso grinder that gives you complete control over your grind, then the MACAP M4 Black Stepless Doser Grinder may be just the machine you are looking for. A quality grind is one of the first and most important steps in creating a smooth and flavorful espresso shot, and now this process is easier than ever with the MACAP M4 Stepless with Doser Grinder.  MACAP is one of the most trusted names in home espresso machines, and their products come with a high quality reputation that this brand is known for. The MACAP M4 Doser Grinder is no exception to the rule. While it was developed with features that are sure to fit the needs of any commercial consumer, this espresso machine comes in a compact package that makes it ideal for home use.

    Together with its sleek design, high end finishes and stepless control features; this doser espresso grinder manages to be at the top of its class in the prosumer category of grinding devices. This grinder was designed specifically with user control in mind. The key to a successful grind is being able to control the coarseness of the extraction, and this MACAP model allows users to do just this.

    While the MACAP Doser Grinder may come in a small package, it does not lack power or performance capabilities. With a motor output of 250 watts and a low blade speed that helps prevent overheating, this grinder can take on virtually any task. The stepless design means there is virtually no end to the different options when it comes to creating espresso extractions. These features make the M4 the ideal machine for the particular professional barista and the occasional home user alike.

    This compact device is recommended for home or small business use.

  • Build Quality

    The MACAP M4 Doser Grinder in black boasts a modern look with its curved design sleek dark exterior. This machine has a full metal body construction to insure durability. The machine has an outer blank enamel shell that is easy to clean and care for and resistant to staining and other exterior damage. At the base of the grinding mechanism, there are stainless steel accent finishes.

    At just 16.0” tall, this compact coffee grinder can also easily fit under most kitchen cabinets; making it an ideal choice for the dedicated home barista. The hopper on the exterior of this machine features a smooth, curved design and has been tinted to prevent damage to any of the beans. The design of this hopper was created to keep the overall height of the grinder low, so it can conveniently fit in most kitchen spaces.

  • Features

    Professional Grade Grinding Burrs

    At the center of this prosumer grinder are the device’s grinding burrs. These 58 mm stainless steel grinding plates deliver the same type of power and performance seen in many commercial grade machines. They also help maintain consistency with every grind come in a flat rather than cone shaped design. This not only allows for better performance but makes the plates easier to remove for cleaning and maintenance. Designed with particular home baristas in mind, these plates have been specially formulated to prevent heat build ups from overuse that can in turn impact the quality of the beans. These burrs do this by operating at low rotations per minute or RPMs.

    High Power Motor

    This coffee grinder comes outfitted with a high powered motor. Utilizing 250 watts of power, this motor can deliver quick and precise grind output. This motor helps deliver outstanding speeds as the grinder can grind a double shot in 5 to 10 seconds. This powerful motor operates at 1600 RPM.

    Large Hopper

    The MACAP grinder comes with its own oversized hopper. The machine’s large hopper can hold more than 1.3 pounds of beans at a time. Its transparent plastic coating allows for easy viewing and measuring when adding beans to the machine. The hopper also comes with its own air tight lid that will help keep beans fresh during use. The ultra durable plastic used in this machine is UV tinted, and helps keep the beans protected from exterior damage. This machine component can be easily removed for simple cleaning. The integrated trap door design of this hopper also makes it simple for users to change their beans without emptying.

    Stepless Adjustment Features

    Designed with the utmost in control in mind, this grinder comes with its own stepless control system. This allows users to precisely control the consistency of their grind, whether they are looking for a coarse grind for a French coffee press or a fine grind for espresso shots. This worm-driven adjustment feature is simple to use; home baristas just need to twist the adjustment pin to bring the beans from the hopper to the grinder. Adjustments can even be done while the grinder is operating.

    The stepless adjusting knob means there is no limit to the different types of grinds that can be completed with this device. Since this adjustment feature has been designed with a worm gear, it is simple for users to adjust and can be done with just two fingers.

    Quiet Grinder Performance 

    Although grinders are known for their loud production noise, this grinder was specifically formatted with commercial grade finishes in mind and designed to deliver a quieter performance. This makes this MACAP machine the ideal addition to most home and small office settings.

    Easy Control Dosing Lever

    On this MACAP device, there is an included doser control. This lever allowing users to quickly and easily twist out the exact amount of grinds they want. The manual control of the doser allows for precise output. The doser’s design was created for easy portafiler loading. The machine’s doser allows users to extract between 5 grams and 9 grams with every pull. The side of the unit comes with its own shot counter for easy measurements.

    Designed with the needs of today’s home user in mind, the doser mechanism has been specifically crafted to completely empty the grounds after use; making this component of the device easy to clean and care for. Next to the doser is a 58mm black plastic tamper for simple and precise measuring.

    As any true espresso fan knows, a quality grind is essential to the entire espresso brewing process. Home baristas can now have the ultimate control over their grinding extractions with the MACAP M4 Doser Grinder in black. This home espresso grinder packs the power and performance needed to deliver expertly ground coffee and espresso time after time; all within a small kitchen friendly package. This machine may be outfitted with several commercial grade features, but it is easy enough for any home barista to use.

  • Specifications

    Height 16 inches 
    Width 6 inches 
    Depth 4.5 inches
    Weight 22 pounds  
    Amps \ Volts 110 volts
    Watts 250 watts 
  • Shipping

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