Compak K3 Touch in Red, Black, and Polished Aluminum

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Type: Coffee Grinders

Vendor: Compak

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  • The Bottom Line

    Looking for a new espresso bean grinder? The Compak K3 Touch Coffee Grinder offers both power and functionality in a stylish and kitchen friendly package. The key to a quality home brewed espresso shot is starting with the right grind extraction and beans that have been ground into the proper consistency. Home baristas and coffee houses who are looking for this specific grind consistency will find that achieving these results can be simple thanks to the Compak K3 Touch Espresso Grinder. This machine makes grinding espresso fast and easy and brings users a highly functional yet powerful device that can easily impress even the most particular of users.

    This model features a number of other state of the art functions that are typically not found in grinders of this class. The unique design has been created to fit in both home kitchens and espresso bars and features additions such as a stepless micrometrical grind adjustment switch, high capacity hopper and a powerful 250 watt motor. The newest models of the K3 Touch boast a timer dial on the front of the machine (it was previously on the bottom) and an adjustable portafilter holder. Together these features make this machine easy enough for novice users to handle yet powerful enough to handle medium to high capacity output.

    All of these features come packed inside a durable stainless steel package that is both stylish and easy to care for. Available in Black, Red, and Polished Aluminum.  The doserless design of this machine makes the machine a simple to use and mess-free addition to any home or restaurant. Compak is known throughout the industry for its quality reputation, and this example is no exception to this standard.

    This model is recommended for small restaurant and home use. An optional short bean hopper is available for this model as a separate purchase.  

  • Build Quality

    The Compak K3 Touch Grinder provides users commercial grade power and functionality, packed inside of a sleek and stylish package. This machine comes in several colors, including the classic black version of this grinder that is sure to compliment any kitchen or professional espresso bar. Designed with durability in mind, this model is made with an aluminum frame at its base. The exterior of this machine is made of a durable steel material that is not only cosmetically appealing, but easy to care for as well. Created to withstand consistent use, this machine is resistant to rusting and staining.

    Inside, the device’s grinding plates or burrs have been crafted from stainless steel, making them resistant to rusting or breaking during use. The top of the grinder has its own high capacity bean hopper; made from a crack-resistant molded plastic. Exterior components on the machine, such as the device’s portafilter arm have been crafted from durable aluminum.  At just 16.5” high, this machine was designed to scale with the average home kitchen and can easily fit underneath most kitchen cabinets.

  • Features

    Doserless Design

    One of the most unique features is the doserless designer feature. Instead of coming with a traditional doser, this machine is designed with a unique dispensing chute. This chute is designed to deliver more control over the dosing size and to help make the extraction process easier and less messy. With the appliance, users are able to pre-set their dose amounts, or take advantage of the machine’s continuous grind feature.The doserless component allows users to easily get single, or double shots with the press of a button.

    Durable Bean Hopper

    The top  is outfitted with a compact bean hopper. When completely filled, this bean hopper can hold up to 10 ounces of beans. The size of the hopper makes this Compak machine ideal for both home and moderate commercial use. This storage component of this machine is designed with a low and wide design, to keep the overall height of the machine shorter. The actual hopper made of a durable molded plastic material, meaning it won’t break or crack and is sealed tight to help lock in air and keep beans fresh while in storage. When not in use, it can be removed for simple cleaning.

    58 MM Steel Grinding Burrs

    Inside this powerful home espresso grinder are durable stainless steel grinding plates or burrs. These plates are 58 mm in size and are capable of operating at speeds of 1100 RPM (rotations per minute). These high quality grinding plates are flat, instead of the conical in shape that many grinding burrs are; making them simple to remove for cleaning. These burrs are designed to prevent friction and overheating issues.

    Stepless Micrometrical Grind Adjustment Feature

    This machine comes outfitted with a stepless micrometrical control feature that was created with precise user control in mind. This stepless control component makes it simple for users to manipulate the consistency of every grind extraction. This Compak grinder comes with its own stepless control component to replace incremental control systems that place more limitations on the grind consistency settings. With a stepless control component, it is easy to manipulate how coarse or fine the espresso grinds are that come from the machine. This means no matter what type of drink home baristas are looking to make they will have the complete control over the mechanism needed dial in their espresso brew or coffee drinks.

    250 Watt Motor

    Designed with performance in mind, the Compak K3 Touch Grinder comes outfitted with its own commercial grade motor. This 205 watt motor puts the machine’ grinding plates into action and helps this machine deliver fast extraction speeds. A double shot can be ground in less than 10 seconds. The motor is specifically formulated with extra insulating properties. This means that the machine is resistant to overheating and will not cause heat damage issues to the more delicate pieces of the grinder.

    This motor is also designed to put the grinding burrs into motion at a specific speed of 1100 RPM (rotations per minute). This speed is fast enough to grind the beans, yet slow enough to prevent issues with friction and heat transfer; a process that can disrupt the overall quality of the espresso beans during the grinding process.

    Aluminum Portafilter Arm

    On the from is a portafilter arm that will hold portafilters in place underneath the machine’s doserless chute.  This arm is made of metal to insure longevity, and is easy to clean and care for.

    This commercial-grade espresso grinder may come with the features found in much larger grinding mechanisms, but this compact, budget-friendly product is ideal for the serious home barista looking for power and functionality.

  • Specifications 







    19 pounds



    110 Volt/ 250 W Motor

    RPM of Burrs

    1100 RPM

  • Shipping

    Ships by UPS.  Sorry, no shipping to APOs.  Ships from our New York warehouse.  Please use the UPS Transit Map below as a guide.

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  • Resources

    Quick Start Guide

    Downlodable Manual (PDF)

Need some help selecting a Coffee or Espresso Grinder?  Read the Cup And Brew Coffee Grinder Buying Guide.

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Reviews for Compak K3 Touch in Red, Black, and Polished Aluminum
5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
Becca Johnson from Twin Cities on Jun 27, 2014
I was torn between this and the Mazzer Mini E. After reading some reviews on coffeegeeks and other retailers, I went ahead and sprung for the K3 for 50% of the price of the Mini E. I simply love this machine. It is very quiet and very attractive on my counters. I get zero wasted coffee and the stepless feature works much better than I imagined.

Be advised that the timer function is now on the front instead of the bottom which is great. I can't see how the timer being on the the bottom of the unit would have ever been functional and am glad Cup And Brew (and I assume other dealers) are now stocking the newer model.