Cafelat Tubbi Knockbox

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Category: Knockboxes

Type: Knockboxes

Vendor: Cafelat

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Bottom Line

The Cafelat Tubbi Knockbox is the perfect accessory for home baristas to help you dispose of your espresso pucks. Cafelat spend over a year in development and went through many prototypes until they arrived with a brilliant, yet very simple design. All it is, is a plastic tub and a bar! No nuts or bolts or anything.

The knockbox may be small but it can comfortably hold 10 double pucks of coffee grinds before it needs emptying. To empty just lift the rubber bar out and discard the coffee as you wish. A silicon ring on the bottom prevents it moving about the place and also helps to reduce the noise.

To wash we recommend you just give it a rinse in mild detergent. The plastic tub is dishwasher safe but we are not sure you need to go that far as a mild rinse works every time.

A fabulous accessory to pair with your espresso machine.

Available in red and black


Material :Abs Plastic, Rubber and Stainless Steel

Height incl. base 5" W  x  5" H

Product Weight :308g

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Reviews for Cafelat Tubbi Knockbox
5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
Jazzy Jeff from Ohio on Dec 31, 2013
We in an mid sized town house and didn't want a huge knock box that took up our counter space and this one is perfect it that regards. It hold 10 shot and is easy to clean. The Knock Bar removes for easy cleaning the padding protects my fairly heavy portafilter while keep the thud noise down. There is a rubberized ring on the bottom that keeps it from sliding across the counter when you use it. I like that I can set it on top of my machine when not in use and store it with my small cup collection. We like in red and bought it here, at, as they stock it in red - not all places do - most only have black.