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Why You Shouldn't Use a Blade Grinder for Your Coffee

June 21, 2014

Many folks make the mistake of buying a blade grinder as their first foray into the world of premium home coffee brewing. Read why this is not a good idea and how to pick a grinder that will keep up with your expectations.

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How to Use a French Press to Make Cold Brew Coffee

June 17, 2014

Own a French press?  If so, you don't need any extra expensive gizmos to make a perfect batch of cold brew coffee.  Follow our guide and make the perfect low acidic beverage that can be served hot or cold and even stored for a week or more!

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7 Top Coffee Grinders for Home Use

June 16, 2014

A look at the top rated home coffee grinders at various price points and uses.  Tons of great information about Baratza, Mazzer, Compak, and Mahlkonig coffee grinders.  Read now and give us your opinions!

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Recharge with these Five Cold Coffee Cocktails

June 14, 2014

Cold Coffee Cocktails
Have some coffee fun in the summer with an assortment of coffee beverages with a tiny kick to get you in the "mood" for your favorite sunshine activities. Explore the Espresso Martini, the Iced Drunken Mocha, the sweet Pumpki Spice Iced Margarita, and my favorite, the Dark Mint Dream. Very Tasty!

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What is Coffee Bloom?

February 07, 2014

Read about coffee bloom and understand how it affects your brew.  Get tips and advice on steps that you can do to improve the taste in your cup no mater what brewing style your use.

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